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  • Laurie DaForno, Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs Testimonials

    I recently joined this gym (Cleveland Circle location) and I really like the place. It is a good value compared to other gyms, the staff are friendly and the patrons are nice and welcoming. They have plenty of treadmills as well as an ample free weights section, and any other equipment you can dream up. I've taken a spin class but have yet to try the rest of the classes. I wish the spin room had a few more bikes in there, as the classes seem to fill up quick. Overall I would highly recommend the place to anyone looking for a standard, friendly, not-to-crowded or pretentious gym.

    Laurie DaForno
  • Artie Hintermeister, Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs Testimonials

    This gym rocks!! I’ve been a member for over a year and have been going to BHAC (almost) every morning these past few months. The atmosphere is energetic enough to push me through my workouts, but also laid back enough so I feel more comfortable and less self-conscious as I go through the motions. Staff is very friendly, as are the diverse group of people who work out here. Machines aren’t too crowded, and facilities are clean. Location is only one block away from the Green Line, and street parking is available (at least when I go!)

    Artie Hintermeister
  • Cmar Martin, Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs Testimonials

    I moved to Boston as an already devout lifter. Before coming here, I worried that I wouldn't be able to find a suitable gym for my goals. I had visited a number of gyms in Boston through past travels and was always pretty unimpressed.

    Enter BHAC: this place has every piece of equipment that I needed to keep progressing. A dedicated free weight section, fully outfitted with three squat racks, three benches, a dumbbell rack, a generous kettlebell spread, multiple turf sections, a tire, a GHD, a sled/prowler, resistance bands, chains: you name it. They even have a reverse hyperextension machine. If you cannot gain muscle or cut fat at this gym, it is certainly not for want of equipment or dedicated space for accomplishing it. It's rare to see a gym with half its square footage devoted to functional fitness in a city like Boston. In my 1.5 years here, they have continued to improve and add equipment that both 1) members want, and 2) that the staff believe will aid members in their quest for fitness, whatever aspect of fitness that may be.

    And that is a direct outgrowth of one irreplaceable aspect of this gym: I truly believe that the staff cares about its members progressing along their fitness and wellness journeys. Everyone on this staff is very friendly and approachable, and I watch them everyday try to improve their own understanding and training methods so that they can better serve both their personal training clients and the average member. They serve and oversee the fitness quests of such a broad spread of interests: cardio, yoga, bodybuilding, boxing--and somehow make all these groups feel welcome and like they have their own space and resources for their daily practice.

    I wouldn't say this gym is for one certain type of gym member: it's for any person who wants the space to grow and pursue their own specific range of interests within a supportive fitness environment.

    Cmar Martin
  • Josh Rivers, Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs Testimonials

    Great place. Been going since 2011. Management is excellent, staff is great. Gym has everything you need and more. Never had anything less than a 5 star experience here.

    Josh Rivers
  • James Chin, Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs Testimonials

    The staff is nice. The place is clean and there are lots of running / stair machines. The problem is that the weight area can be a little crowded, especially during peak hours. Then again thats a problem with any gym thats popular.

    Overall though I would say this place is a great gym especially for the price. Classes are also offered here.

    James Chin
  • Kristin Foley , Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs Testimonials

    This is a great gym and is very accommodating to those who are new to working out or getting back into it like myself. The locations are super convenient, as my membership allows me to go near work (north end location) and by home (Cleveland Circle). The staff is always friendly and the facilities are always clean. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for a gym in Boston.

    Kristin Foley
  • Amanda Lohin, Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs Testimonials

    I have only ever used the Wellesley location, but I have been a mamber for several years and I absolutely love it. It is a small gym, very quaint with "regular" members and wonderful staff and trainers. The equipment is all relatively new and well maintained and the gym is always very clean. I also love that they offer spin classes because spinning is an addiction of mine and it gets really expensive to have to have a gym membership and buy rides at a spin studio. Thanks for being awesome BHAC of Wellesley!

    Amanda Lohin


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