Come as you are. Leave feeling better.

Cyclolabs with Jonas Payen

April 13, 2017

Program info sessions: 

Comm Ave: 4/14/17 starting at @ 4:30pm

Newton: 4/15/17 starting @4:30pm

North Station 4/16/17 starting @5:30pm

The goal is to Define inactive,over active muscles, tight networks of fasciae and structural malalignments, learn how to deal with these compensations and deviations to better engage core muscles. Align neck, shoulders, wrist, hips and ankles properly to reduce stress at major joints and muscles. Allowing you to focus your best performance every ride or spin session. Apply your newly discovered movement patterns whether you’re on the road, off road or in a spin class.

Monthly program includes:

1 hour group sessions – 8 people per session

Weekly sessions that cover exercise fundamentals. Focus on different styles of riding every month by learning fundamentals and techniques that produce comfort and power whether cycling or spinning.

2 Workouts (monthly) modified on a weekly basis

Explore techniques/ methods used to deal with compensations, discomfort, limited range of motion and to optimize spinning/cycling performance. Gain the understanding of “mind body awareness” and apply towards spinning/cycling.

Progress Check-Ins (reminders, goals, updates)

Emails (progressions and updates to your workouts)

Events (rides, food, shop tours and more!)

4 month commitment gets you a free bicycle fitting

Price: $125 per month 

Jonas Payen is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Biomechanics & Corrective Exercise Specialist. 

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