Come as you are. Leave feeling better.


At the BHAC we pride ourselves on offering the most innovative, effective and fun group fitness programs anywhere. The ideal complement to strength training, "GroupEx" should be part of everyone's game plan for a long and healthy life. So take advantage of the great programs we offer; all our classes are taught by nationally certified instructors and are included in your membership fee. You'll definitely find one that gets your heart pumping.

Our Group Exercise classes run from A (Abs & Butt Blast) to Z (Zumba)

Abs & Butt Blast — an intense 30-minute toning class focusing on the abdominals, hips and buttocks! Who doesn’t need help there?

Absession – a quick, high intensity abdominal workout. Pop in for a dose of motivation with your ab training.

Aerial Conditioning — utilizing aerial equipment and floor work, this class is a whole-body workout focusing on core strength and flexibility, shoulder stabilization, and hip mobility. All levels are welcome and there is no need to take your feet off the floor. But you can if want to….

Barre™ — a high-energy fusion of ballet exercises, sculpting and Pilates™ set to music, this class makes you want to move! Get prepared to build a strong core, chisel your abs and legs and improve your posture while focusing your mind. All levels welcome.

BeaconBody Barre™ – a high-energy fusion of Barre™ exercises, sculpting and Pilates™ inspired by the Lotte Bark method, this class uses hand weights, mats, straps, balls, and a ballet bar, set to music that’ll cut you up.

Beginner MMA – the fastest growing sport in the nation, MMA (mixed martial arts) is a combat sport that incorporates a combination of international fighting techniques. Featuring striking and grappling techniques, both while standing and on the ground, MMA’s foundation is based in traditional wrestling (freestyle and Greco-Roman), submission based grappling systems (Brazilian jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling) and the striking arts (Muay Thai & boxing). Need we say more?

BodyCentrik – this is Georgia’s baby. Join her for a demanding workout that will focus on a flow of balance, strength, endurance and flexibility training. The class requires full body expression and a strong mindset. Let your inner strength guide you as you redefine your body physically and emotionally. Take the BodyCentrik challenge!

Bootcamp — a demanding total body workout that employs jump ropes, steps, Therabands and medicine balls, Bootcamp is performed in a circuit style and helps build strength and cardiovascular endurance.

CardioBoxing™ — a now famous workout regimen that was developed right here at the BHAC, this circuit style cardio class has been called “the workout of a fighter without a fight.” Based on tried and true boxing techniques the class employs jump ropes, shadow boxing and ultra high energy to increase strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.

CardioSport – a comprehensive group fitness adventure that uniquely integrates interval training techniques with compound sports-related movements in an inspiring exercise environment. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, CardioSport delivers an exercise experience that will elevate your overall health and fitness in a motivational atmosphere.

Circuit Challenge – this class offers a unique blend of cardiovascular and muscular endurance for the entire body. Participants burn fat and tone muscles by performing various exercises for one-minute intervals using a variety of exercise equipment. All levels are welcome, as each exercise can be modified to suit individual needs.

Core Express – this 30-minute class will challenge all parts of your core and will help improve everyday posture and stability. Get in and get out!

Cross Training — a steady, intense workout that uses separate intervals including step, hi-lo impact, power ball, and weights. Because of the variety of activities involved, this class is great for any fitness level.

Express Abs – a quick, high intensity abdominal workout. Pop in and get your abs working for you!

Fight Like a Girl – this female-only beginners boxing class features an hour of strength and conditioning fighter workouts. You’ll learn the basics of boxing and will develop the skills necessary to actually fight, whether you ever step into a ring or not. Come get a great workout and learn traditional boxing in a supportive and welcoming environment.

FloorBarre™ Fusion — an awesome combination of Barre™ and Pilates™, this full body workout consists of a cardio warm up, arm toning, Barre™-style lower body exercises and core work. A cool down stretch completes a great full-body, hour long class.

Flow Foundations — this slower paced Vinyasa class focuses on the basics of physical alignment, breathing, and meditation in a class suitable for all levels.

Hot Power Yoga – a version of our Power Yoga with the added benefit of a heated studio.

Iyengar Yoga — detailed attention is given to postural alignment, muscular strength, muscular balance, range of motion and maximum extension of the spine. With this practice, increased strength, muscular tone, endurance and flexibility can be developed.

KettleBell – a 30-minute class focusing on basic kettlebell exercises, here you will build strength, cardiovascular endurance and stability. These movements engage the entire body at once and can burn over 400 calories in the half hour class. (All participants must take our free kettlebell orientation before joining class.)

Kickboxing – here you will earn the basic techniques of this super-popular sport while getting an unmatched overall workout. A circuit style cardio class, we use heavy bags, speed bags, target pads, jump ropes and bodyweight training. Every muscle in your body will feel used and abused.

Loosen Up – another of our stretch-centric classes, Loosen Up’s instructors teach a safe and effective stretch for virtually every muscle in the human body.

Muscle / Abs — this class utilizes a variety of fitness equipment to strengthen and define most major muscle groups. Ideal for all fitness levels.

Muscle Pump – this class uses a variety of fitness equipment to strengthen and define most major muscle groups. All levels welcome!

Pilates™ — a program that emphasizes core stability for a no bulk, lean routine. This series of controlled movements will improve body alignment, strength, flexibility and balance. Requiring focus and concentration that centers primarily on abdominal strength, Pilates™ ‘lengthens’ and invigorates the entire body. Beginners will find this class challenging, and even advanced participants regularly get a great workout.

Power Muscle — build both strength and endurance while incorporating a serious cardiovascular conditioning into your workout. Develop powerful muscle in a safe and effective manner.

Power Vinyasa Yoga – a powerful, highly effective style of yoga that combines the movement of muscles with the breath, creating what’s been called meditation in motion. Often performed in a heated room to help release toxins and massage internal organs, this class results in a glow from the inside out!

Rejuvenating Yoga – a gentle yoga class designed to help manage tense situations and stabilize body/mind imbalances created by lifestyle, behavioral, medical, emotional or environmental stressors.

Ride & Ripped — 45 minutes of a great cardio workout followed by 30 minutes of upper body and core strengthening to balance out your workout. Prepare to sweat!

Rise & Shine Yoga — enjoy the benefits of waking up to yoga as you stretch and tone the body, mind and spirit for a 60 minute, moderately paced, Vinyasa yoga flow set to music. The class focuses on movement, breathing and alignment. Perfect for the beginner or experienced practitioner and a great complement to your regular exercise routine.

Rocking Flow Yoga — a fast, fun, super sweaty Vinyasa flow yoga class set to loud and lively music. All levels are welcome.

Spinning™ — a stationary cycling workout set to music with the motivation of a class setting. Adaptable resistance allows for individuals of any fitness level to participate in this motivating, fun and fast-paced workout.

Spin Express – a shortened, 45-minute version of our Spinning™ program.

Sports Conditioning — a combination of cardio, strength and core exercises using a variety of equipment including stability balls, bands and weights. An athletic, total body workout designed in a fun and challenging way!

Stretch – typically offered after strength classes, this program offers a thorough total body stretch.

Tabata — considered by many physiologists as the most effective fat burning workout, Tabata features 20-second intervals of extremely high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest; all repeated eight times. Wash, rinse, repeat. Rip through calories while strengthening your entire body.

3D Pilates™ — this class offers additional benefits to traditional Pilates™ via the incorporation of functional, three-dimensional movements that enhance balance and coordination.

Total Body – a strength training workout that will build lean muscle mass and burn body fat. The combination of free weights and anaerobic training targets all muscle groups.

Total Body Strength — this is a weightlifting class that employs light weights and variable resistance bands. As the name implies, the class focuses on the entire body.

20/20/20 — 20 minutes of cardio kickboxing, 20 minutes of pure cardio and 20 minutes of muscle and toning. Oh yeah!

Turbo Tabata – as if regular Tabata isn’t enough, we offer this advanced version of the ultimate fat-burner. This training protocol involves performing a particular exercise at super-high intensity for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Use It Or Lose It – this is a comprehensive workout that caters to runners. The class includes circuit training, strength training and stretching techniques that can be incorporated with marathon, half-marathon,10K and 5K training routines. The program promotes and maintains overall strength, performance and injury-prevention in distance running.

Vinyasa Yoga — flowing aerobic movement and strengthening anaerobic poses combine to create a challenging workout. This class is great for anyone looking to increase their fitness level, flexibility and mental calm.

Yoga Tune-Up Flow — the details make the difference. This class combines energetic Vinyasa with Signature Yoga Tune Up™ exercises to improve body and release chronic tension points with YTU’s signature self-massage techniques. All levels welcome!

Zumba™ — this Latin-themed workout combines high-energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow participants to dance away their worries. Add some spice and flair to your workout and shake your cha-cha! Zumba™ is fun and easy to do — no dance experience required!

Zumba™ Tone – dance through your workout in this high-energy class based on popular Latin dance moves. Consisting of intervals of cardio dance and weight training to help tone and sculpt the body, this class will leave you smiling, sweaty, and a little sore….