Come as you are. Leave feeling better.


The JumpStart™ program is unlike any exercise plan you've ever seen. Created to get our new members quickly and easily into a set exercise regimen, JumpStart™ takes advantage of the enthusiasm new members experience when first joining and converts it into a lifelong commitment to stay in shape. JumpStart™ eliminates the uncertainty about how to get started, how often to work out, and which exercises to do while eliminating the uncomfortable feeling of working out alone. Hey, we get it…..

JumpStart™ consists of four 45-minute, one-on-one sessions with one of our nationally certified personal trainers. Each session includes a 30-minute workout and a 15-minute assessment.

The Big Picture

The Workouts:
By introducing you to four different types of workouts, we help you see what kinds of exercises you could be doing and finding which ones you like best. After all, if something is uncomfortable, or you just plain hate it, we know you're not going to implement it into your new regimen. Each session will concentrate on different methods of training your progress will be tracked by your assigned personal trainer.

The Assessments:
The four personal assessments help you determine your current fitness level, set realistic goals, identify your body's strengths and weaknesses, and get you headed in the right direction for a healthier, longer and more fit life.

Awesome! How Do I Get Started?

Not a member yet? Simply select the JumpStart™ option when you join online and we'll contact you to schedule your first session. Join Now

Current Members It's never too late to get pointed in the right direction! Contact one of our trainers today or stop by the front desk to learn more.