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MA/RI Powerlifting Championship Meet Report

May 18, 2017

 MA/RI USAPL Open Powerlifting Championship
North Station powerlifting team


The North Station Crew recently went to the MA/RI USAPL Open Powerlifting Championship. Josh Tang (North Station Member), Steve Williamson (North Station Personal Trainer) and Jeremy McCabe (North Station Manager) all competed. They trained intensely for 12-15 weeks leading up to the event at the North Station gym, and all did very well, Congrats guys! 
Steve is an avid powerlifter/weight lifter and loves to share his passion. Anyone looking to get stronger, bigger or leaner Steve is your man. He’s available for private lessons at any of the 3 downtown locations (North Station, ZONE5 and Waterfront). Contact Steve  at – 
Josh Tang:  Squat: 160kg/ 352lbs
 Bench: 110kg/ 242lbs 
 Deadlift: 187.5kg/ 412.5lbs
Josh Tang Squat
Josh Tang Deadlift
Josh Tang Bench Press




Steve Williamson: Squat: 205kg/ 451lbs
     Bench: 147.5kg/ 324.5lbs
     Deadlift: 230kg/ 506lbs


Steve Williamson Squat
Steve Williamson Deadlift
Steve Williamson Bench


Jeremy McCabe: Squat: 135kg/ 297lbs
     Bench: 125kg/ 276lbs
     Deadlift: 142.5kg/ 313lbs
Jeremy McCabe Squat
Jeremy McCabe Deadlift
Jeremy McCabe Bench Press