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Whatever your fitness goals, a Personal Trainer can help. All BHAC trainers are health and fitness professionals with the expertise, educational background and certification to design a specifically tailored exercise program for you. With a trainer's one-to-one attention and guidance, your workouts will be more efficient, fun and effective.”

Both our Certified Personal Trainers and Master Trainers offer single sessions and packages of 10, in hour or half-hour formats. Please feel free to contact your local branch to learn more about pricing and to set up an appointment.

  • Personal Trainer

    A Personal Trainer has the required education and skills to design a fitness program that includes resistance, flexibility and cardiovascular training based on an individual's needs and goals.

  • Master Trainer

    In addition to the above skills, a Master Trainer has specialized training in any of the following areas: injury prevention, pre- and post-natal fitness, sport-specific training, and regimens for specific health conditions

Meet our Trainers

All BHAC trainers are nationally accredited Certified Personal Trainers. Each has completed a rigorous educational program and all requisite certification exams. Most have many years of experience as well as undergraduate or graduate degrees in kinesiology, exercise physiology, physical therapy, or sport science. Choose your location to find a trainer best suited to help you
Reach Your Personal Goals.


JumpStart™ will get the "new you" going as quickly as possible. Comprised of four 45-minute sessions with a personal trainer, each session includes a 15-minute assessment period where we'll evaluate your current fitness level, define your goals, and examine any physical restrictions or weaknesses. You'll then embark on a fully customized 30-minute workout that will crank up your heart rate and get the muscles working!

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Private Training

Our personal trainers will work with you one-on-one to create a custom workout routine personalized to your needs, limitations, and fitness level. You’ll see much faster results in a safe, energetic and motivating environment.

Group Training

Group training allows you and one or two friends or family members to work out under a trainer’s supervision. You can help motivate each other while experiencing the benefits of private personal training at a fraction of the cost.

Small Group Training

Small group training provides you and a bunch of your friends or family members a semi-personalized, trainer-guided workout. You get many of the benefits of private training in a very economical package.

Keep You Healthy

The BHAC's fitness and personal training program is one of the best anywhere. Our highly qualified and personable team of trainers provides motivation, education, and individually tailored exercise regimens for each client. We pride ourselves on making our members happy and delivering results. Whether you're looking to lose weight, get stronger, or need specialized training for post-partum, chronic injury, or post-surgical rehabilitation, our trainers have the certification and expertise to get - and keep - you healthy.