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Personal Training near North Station

James Hendren


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer


  • Boston College Football Alumnus specializing in strength and conditioning


I've been in a weight room since I was 13. Soon after, I started working with a trainer who focused on developing future college athletes in meticulously structured training programs. Though as an athlete I was an eager participant, I constantly wanted to know, "Why?" with respect to our efforts. "Why do these things in this order and to what ends?"  I had to build muscle, gain weight, lose weight, and everything in between.  But when my athletic career ended, my interest in difficult and focused training did not falter.  If anything, I began to realize the critical (yet often ignored) importance of exercise for the general populace far more.  What started as curiosity became a source of meaning.  Now, nothing would make me more fulfilled than helping you attain your fitness goals.

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