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Covid-19 And Our Nutrition

Take Control of Your Nutrition

During times of anxiety, we often look to food for comfort. If you've found yourself snacking more or turning to not exactly healthy foods right now, you're definitely not alone! It can be a challenge to find that good balance of giving yourself some leeway in a stressful time but not giving up on your healthy habits completely. When you're at home every day, though, it is easier to let some bad habits sneak into your nutrition routines; if you're trying to focus on the nutrition aspect of your health and wellness right now, consider some of these tips:

Snack Smarter

If your stock of snacks is heavy on the junk food, set a limit on how much you are going to eat before you sit down with that bag of chips. Better yet, portion out what you should eat in a separate bowl and put the bag back in the pantry. Without set portions, you often overindulge long before you realize it. The simplest solution would be to not purchase junk food in the first place - you can't eat what you don't have. Since we are social distancing and staying indoors as much as possible, it's much harder to just stop off at the convenience store for snacks. 

Am I Actually Hungry or Just Bored?

Is this a time you normally eat when we are living our regular structured life? If you never needed a mid-afternoon snack or light night dessert before, why do you need it now? When we get bored, we start looking for things to do, and eating/snacking pops in our head without realizing that we are not actually hungry. Find a project to work on, clean, learn an instrument or language, read a book, or better yet: EXERCISE! Let's find constructive things to do with all our extra time. You will eat less from boredom and better yourself in the process.

One Great Thing We Can do with our Free Time: Cook More!

Yes, i know that this involves eating..but, if we spend time cooking healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner it's a win-win. Tip: When shopping and cooking, stick to the outside of the grocery store. Lean meats, clean carbs and especially fruits and vegetables.

When else have we ever had the time to really focus on our nutrition? I've never had the ability to cook 3 meals a day (at least not without doing weekly food prep). Take advantage of this time to cook healthy. You'll reduce boredom, eat better than ever and reduce anxiety/stress knowing you are taking control of your own health

Mark Dibattista

Cleveland Circle Manager

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