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Seminar: Eating and Training in Phase 2 with Coach Kelly

I know it's been hard to be without the gym and heavy weights. Life without structure invites habits - good and bad. In "Eating/Training in Phase 2" we will discuss how to rebuild good habits, break bad ones, and introduce strategies to help us avoid the panic button during these times of scarcity and continued teared restrictions. Topics of discussion: stress eating, anxiety around training, eating out at restaurants (finally!), and more. Appropriate for all skill levels (open to non-members.) 


Eating and Training in Phase 2 


Tuesday June 9th @ 7pm


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Coach Kelly is from our Comm Ave location. Kelly began her career as a Food Science student at Rutgers University and wet on to become a chef at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. She has been a trainer and nutritionist for over a decade and left the Tri-State area for Boston to work for America's Test Kitchen. There she contributed to their gluten-free and Paleo cookbooks.

She has helped thousands of people achieve their fitness goals and is one of New England's most sought after personal trainers. With a successful track record in figure competing in both ANBF and NPC, today Coach Kelly steers her energy away from the stage and into mastering day-to-day balance.

Kelly would describe her training as the "opposite of sexy." it is a no short-cut approach that requires engagement, presence, and effort. This is NOT a diet, a program, or gimmick. This is a lifestyle. If any of these resonate feel free to reach out to Kelly directly :

  • Tired of chasing a magic pill
  • Want more energy
  • Feel obsessed with food
  • Feel confused with nutrition
  • Feel intimidated by strength training
  • Feel intimidated by other forms of training (yoga/cardio or training in general)
  • Need an exercise program makeover (bored of your routine)
  • Not seeing results (feeling discouraged)
  • Have an injury (Let's rehab and prevent it!)
  • Need accountability/ motivation (We all do!)
  • It's more fun to train with a trainer (amen to that!)

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