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Increase your Bench Press with This Small Grip Adjustment


Chances are you've likely never thought about how you're gripping the bar, but a poor grip can lead to a loss in strength potential and injury. No one wants to be injured and of course everyone wants to bench as much weight as possible, so take a moment to think about the way you've been gripping the bar.

The Problem:

Gripping the bar too high in your hand

One of the most common faults is a bar placement too high in the hand leading to improper wrist alignment. This will cause the bar to be 'behind' your hand, wrist and elbow; creating instability and greatly reducing the amount of output from the prime movers. When gripped properly the bar should be on the "meat" of your palm. This will create a stacking effect of your hand, wrist, and elbow. The added stability will mean less injuries, more output, which means more weight moved. 

Follow the steps below to help fix the issue. 

The Fix: 

  1. Find your desired width on the bar
  2. With an open hand, rotate your pinky away and grab the bar between your thumb and forefinger. Apply pressure
  3. Rotate your hand so the bar rests across the base of your palm, keep pressure against the bar at all times
  4. Wrap fingers over the bar and squeeze hard
  5. Bring your thumb around the bottom of the bar. The inner side of your thumb should be in contact with the bar and rest near the index finger
  6. The bar should be over the wrist joint. This completes the desired stacking effect of your hand, wrist and elbow. 


Pay attention the next time you grip the bar during a bench press workout and make sure you're following these steps. If you're looking for more help with a trainer set up a free consultation today! Email to get set up. 


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