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Are You New to Kettlebell Swings? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

The Kettlebell swing is a versatile and complex exercise that should be a part of everyone's fitness regime. It's a total body exercise that puts a heavy emphasis on posterior chain. You'll work your glutes, hamstrings, upper back and core, and If done correctly it will increase power, endurance and musculature. Before you grab a kettlebell and start moving it around, or if you already utilize kettlebell swings but feel that you're not getting all of its benefits. Check out the Do's and Don'ts put together by strength and conditioning coach and master training Mike Pennini. 


Follow the Do's and Don'ts below: 

Do ✅: 

✅ Move through your hips. Push your hips back letting the bell travel between your legs. Forcefully drive your hips forward and contract your glutes. 

✅ Keep entire torso stiff. Keep a neutral spine, brace your core and stay tight in your upper back 

✅ Keep your weight on your heels

✅ Think of your hands as hooks, your arms as the rod of a pendulum, and your shoulders as the pivot point of the pendulum. 


Don't ❌:

❌ Drop down into a squat making your quads the primary mover

❌ Lose tension in upper body. Keep your torso stiff as a board 

❌ Keep your weight on your toes. A side effect of squatting into the movement

❌ Try to raise the bell with your shoulders and arms to complete the movement


Give these tips a try and if you're still feeling uncomfortable with the movement schedule a session with one of our personal trainers and they'll help guide you through the steps to a perfect swing!


Mike Pennini C.S.C.S

Master Trainer

North Station Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs


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