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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

How Eating Can Help Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Everyone always complains about the holidays and how it wreaks havoc on the scale.  But here are a couple quick tips to help you avoid the dreaded Holiday weight gain.  The best part… these tips are all based on eating, not depriving yourself.

Don’t skip breakfast

Maybe in the past you skipped breakfast because Xmas morning was a little hectic.  Or maybe you are saving appetite for the big feast.  BIG MISTAKE!  Numerous studies have shown that eating breakfast curbs your appetite for the rest of the day.

Eat again before you go to a party 

My family usually leaves around Noon or 1 to go to the designated family gathering.  So eat again before you leave for the party.  I know you’re excited about the amazing spread that Aunt Judy puts out, but showing up hungry is a recipe for disaster.  If you eat a healthy meal before showing up, you can sample all the great stuff without going overboard.  It follows the same age-old advice of “Never go Food Shopping Hungry”.

Keep healthy snacks at work

 If the “holidays” last a month at the office, keep some healthy snacks in your office.  Before you splurge on treats someone brought in, eat something healthy like a piece of fruit first.  P.S.  This is good advice all year if your office is always nutritionally challenged!

Eat a mint?

 I’ve never tried this one myself, but I’ve been told that when you’ve had enough food (you know when you’ve had enough), pop in a mint.  The idea is that the feeling of a fresh mouth helps you from “accidently” going back for more before you even realize it.

Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays!


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