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Holiday Accountability - Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail!

Start with a plan. 

If you leave things up to chance, you are at the whim of your urges.  Create a basic plan that includes how often you will exercise and your nutrition.  Factor in obstacles like travel or guests.  Make sure your goals are realistic.  Odds are you aren’t going to make your best physical gains in the next few weeks, but you can avoid the typical weight gain (according to my reading, 7 lbs is the typical holiday gain).

Stick to your plan

A plan without commitment is not really much of a plan.  How often did you say you were going to exercise?  If you have to travel for the holidays, do you have a bodyweight training program ready so you don’t need a gym.  If you are having guests, are they going to participate in your exercise time or do you need to get up early and squeeze in a workout so it doesn’t interfere with family and friends.  Excuses and/or obstacles will come up.  Do you rise to the occasion or give in and give up?

Have accountability. 

Everyone has different ways to hold themselves accountable.  Do you respond better to social accountability and support?  Or would technology such as a data tracker work for you.  Do you need to join a formal program, or hire a trainer?  Did you create an incentive if you stick to your plan?  Figure our what motivates you and set it into action.

Have a fun and fit Holidays!

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