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Welcome Cleveland Circle's Newest Trainer!


Cheyenne Ibrahim

NFPT Certified Personal Trainer

American Heart Association CPR Certified

Cheyenne’s personal philosophy is, the key to mastering your will power and staying consistent to your goals is really about working with YOUR body’s natural habits instead of trying to change them to fit a mold; become aware of your nature and use it to your advantage! After experiencing a life-threatening health issue in 2014 as a result of a habitual high-fat diet and sedentary lifestyle, she was inspired to commit to her health, and after surpassing own her weight loss goals, became passionate about having a career focused on guiding other’s in achieving a balanced, healthy body, and self-image. She firmly believes that when you start to view your body as an amazing machine meant to work hard for you, and not against you, the more exercise becomes about self-care and not a chore! Her preferred approach to body transformation is weight lifting, and she especially enjoys introducing it to her female clients who may be apprehensive or intimidated by the thought of weight lifting, as they assume it would give them a masculine-looking physique. (Simply not true! J)

                If you’re interested in ditching bad eating habits and making over your fitness regimen, she’s happy to help! 

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