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No Gains, No Change!

Ok ladies, something’s got to give. You’ve recently embarked on a weight loss journey and you went with the first method you could think of that you’re friends have all said helped them to slim down; steady-state cardio. Yes, I’m talking about the 45 minutes or more that you’ve been spending in the gym the past 2 months, literally running yourself into the ground. (Pun intended) For the first few weeks, the pounds seemed to be melting off, and you were SUPER motivated to push on- but recently you’ve noticed that not only have the numbers on the scale been lingering in the same range despite your attempts to increase the duration of your cardio, but you’re also noticing a lot of loose flabby skin or in general are just looking rather soft all over. The reason behind this buzz kill? Your body has most likely adapted to your cardio routine AND it’s preserving body fat. Frustrating, isn’t it? So how can you boost your metabolism to further push past this plateau and gain noticeable muscle tone? Allow me to introduce to you the answer to your metabolic needs; strength training! In this article I’ll introduce to you the major benefits of implementing a strength routine to your regular workouts.

Maybe you’re familiar with the concept of strength or resistance training, but have always been hesitant to try it on your own because you simply don’t know where to start. Unfortunately for many women, we were taught to associate weight-lifting as a man’s goal, done for the purposes of looking big and bulky. Since the majority of us don’t have goals to transform our bodies into the next Mr. Universe competitor, we’ve naturally shied away from the free weight section-but that’s all about to change! You see, studies show that the more lean muscle mass the body has to maintain, the more calories you burn-at rest! Yes, I’m saying that your metabolism WILL naturally speed up from the addition of resistance training along with the support of a proper diet. Overall the positive changes you can expect to see and feel from adding at least 20-30 minutes of resistance training to your daily workouts are:

  • Fat Loss –More lean muscle means a higher metabolic rate that can last up to 24 hours post-workout. Since the body senses the need to preserve the newly gained muscle tissue, if fed enough protein, it will burn fat in order to provide enough energy for daily activities.
  • Defined curves- muscle is what gives shape to our bodies’ skeletal frame.
  • Decreased risk of Osteopenia/Osteoporosis- resistance training strengthens bones by increasing bone density
  • Increased energy levels/stress reduction- Exercise boosts our endorphins, giving an overall sense of contentment and alertness.
  • Added Strength- Added muscle tissue means an easier time performing general daily activities, and with better endurance!  


But how do I know I won’t get bulky? It’s very hard for women to gain muscular size via weight lifting alone due to our testosterone levels being relatively low compared to men, so it’s physically impossible to have the same size muscle gains as a man unless specific supplements are taken for this result. That being said, there’s no reason why you can’t benefit from adding a resistance routine into your weekly regimen. Don’t know where to start? You’ll need to learn the basics of safety while handling weights, and proper form; both of which become second nature once you get the hang of it!

Need help? I’d love to get you started! Weight training transformed my body 4 years ago and nothing makes me happier than to coach others on how to approach it. Call or email me to set up a complimentary consultation today!

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