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Member Spotlight: Doug Teich Brookline Village

Doug has been a member of BHAC since 2004. Since then, his commitment to exercise, personal fitness and overall health has been impressive. He recently hit 450 sessions with trainer and club manager Will, a feat that has been accomplished in 5 years of training together! Doug's own words illustrate the dedication and commitment that all our trainers and staff have for our members:

"Will had come highly-recommended by another superb trainer, and he has managed to surpass this glowing recommendation in every respect. I began working with him more than 5 years ago, in anticipation of arthroscopic surgery on my left knee. My goals were seemingly modest – simply to try to “stay in shape” through a period of forced relative inactivity.

What I have gotten after some 450+ workouts is, in the best sense, much more than I had bargained for! Will has thoughtfully designed a highly-personalized training program, that fully incorporated focused lower extremity and core strengthening, so essential to successful rehabilitation after injury and surgery. His program has also involved deliberate and careful progression to a total-body fitness strategy, that emphasizes functional movement and neuromuscular awareness...I have experienced commensurate degrees of improvement in my tennis game, as well as my cross country skiing...I want to conclude by saying that getting together with Will to work out, with the resultant improvement in my overall state of health and well-being, has been a rare source of enjoyment and satisfaction."

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