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Titleist Performance Institute Off Season Golf Strength and Conditioning Program


The simple answer is (especially here in the Northeast) because you will not be swinging the club as much.  Without those “reps”, it is important to keep the conditioning and muscle memory of major movement patterns that translate to the swing. 

Additionally, it is a key time to address major areas of your game to improve upon. Power, clubhead speed, distance, golf conditioning and mobility can be achieved in the offseason – all without swinging the club!


TPI’s method is simple: we identify your specific needs with a physical assessment of key movements that research has proved translate to the golf swing. We pair this with a basic 2D swing analysis to identify your swing characteristics and develop a specific program for you from there. 

Keep in mind, this is all tailored to YOUR specific swing. Dave Phillips, TPI co-founder, says “There is ONE efficient way for every player to swing, and it is based on what your body can physically do”. Through proper assessing and testing, we determine what your top needs are to maximize the swing your body produces. We are not trying to pigeonhole you into one type of swing you may see on TV, like Tiger’s or Rory’s. Your swing is specific to you!


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